tara-d-1Hometown- Born in Orangeville Ontario

(Grew up in a small town west of Ottawa in Carleton Place, Ontario)

Attending- Algonquin College


So basically where it all started is when my mom rented ponies for me for my 6th birthday. I hopped on and little did they know that it would turn into a competitive sport, but also my passion. From then on I started in basic riding lessons until my parents bought me my first pony.  Lucky enough for me I have very supportive parents, as this was not only a time consuming sport, it was also a very expensive sport. My mom was my main supporter, growing up she even rode and had racehorses, so she knew and loved the sport herself. She sat through hours of lessons and practice rides. Every weekend in the summer she was up at 5 am to head to my show. It was great to have such a good “horse show mom.”  

Throughout the successful years of competing with my pony winning numerous ribbons and championships, I eventually graduated up to a horse and still the competition and the practicing continued. Now getting into my pre teen years I started riding a lot of horses for people, usually the ones that people couldn’t or the really bad horses. Turned out I had a talent for riding problem horses and started young horses.  NOW, I finally have my own horse farm, we bought a nice big piece of land with a nice barn. We built a big indoor and outdoor riding arena. We have started up a riding and boarding facility and I started teaching little kids how to ride horses. I’ve worked so hard and still do to this day, and so does my mom, who by the way is still watching me, ride after ride. I will never take anything for granted.



tara-d-2Is this something you hope to do long term or just a current hobby?

Horses will always be my passion and yes I do see myself doing this for a very long time. Do I wish to make a living solely off horses… no.  I do have another passion for marketing, however I am/will be running and managing our farm.

Favourite Type of horse?


If you could attend one race a year, which one would you choose?

I would love to watch the Kentucky Derby

Tell us a little more about “problem horses.”

A problem horse/horses are horses that have some sort of issue or habit. It can range in severity. I would say people, either by neglect or lack of knowledge, cause 90% of the issues these “problem horses” have. A few of the horses I have taken on have had some sort of issue, most being they don’t trust, making them spooky and scared of almost everything including everyone.

“I have had a few bad falls, but never any bad experiences.”

Where do most of these horses come from?

The horses either come from someone’s field where they have sat untouched for years or auctions.


The Highlight Horse- Clover K

  • ♦She is a 9 year old Canadian Sport Horse.
  • ♦Showed her in the 1.0 meter jumpers
  • ♦Qualified for Provincial Championships

How old until a horse can really start getting ready for competitions and running obstacles/tracks? 

Well it depends on the breed of horse, but I typically like to start them at 3 and then slowly bring them up. Some horses take longer and need more time and others are ready to go. We never push the young horses, as we don’t want to injure them or work them too hard while they are still growing.

When teaching horseback riding, what is the one main thing you hope kids will learn from the experience?

The one thing I want the kids to get out of riding lessons, is to realize how awesome it is to be able to control a massive animal. And of course the pure joy that it brings.tara-d-3

Quick Facts –

  • -Started competition at age 7.
  • -Owns over 10 horses

Describe your routine for a healthy lifestyle?

Between running around on the farm all day, riding 5 + horses, to eating healthy, it all just comes along. When you live on any property with land you’re really only inside to sleep.  I usually  try and make it to the gym, but I’ve been having a lot of difficulty with a current back/hip injury this year so it has put the gym on the back burner for now. Being healthy is super important to me, I love being fit and feeling great everyday.