EA Sports Gaming Sound track includes-

NHL 15“Odyssey”
Madden 16“Odyssey”
FIFA 16“Let Me Know”
-How did the connection/collaborating with KAMAU start? Do you guys plan to work together on future projects as well?
We first met Kamau through our good friend Amir (rapper/producer Oddisee).  He and Kamau originally were working together on a few songs.  Kamau dug our style and we felt the same way about his music.  We co-produced ‘Jusfayu’ with him, and that had such a good reception we decided to do his whole EP together.  We’re working on more songs with him right now.
-Describe your social media platform? Which outlets do you use, and which one has the most success as far as music feedback and fan interaction?
We’re a bit shit at social media, but our two most used platforms would be Instagram and Snapchat.  Snapchat is amazing because it has an informal feel and you can very easily connect directly with fans.  We receive messages/videos from people every day and try to reply to as many as we can.
no-wyld-2-Tell us what it was like to get that original call from EA Sports to be featured on a soundtrack for one of their games, and now the ongoing relationship being featured on multiple games?
We had already had a song featured on Madden’15 by the time we were approached about the FIFA’16 sync.  While we were working on ‘Let Me Know’ one of our label A&Rs played an early demo for the music licensing people over at EA Sports and they loved it.  Pretty soon after that we were getting regular emails asking if the song was finished yet, as they wanted to use it for one of the leading FIFA’16 trailers. That was awesome – being fans of the series ourselves, and knowing how many people would play the game and hear our music.
-At what point was it, where you guys really needed to just focus on the music and turn to the help and expertise of bringing in a manager?
We’ve had a couple of managers in New Zealand but our manager Nigil who we work with now is amazing.  He’s from the US and has been in the industry for years as both a label and artist rep.  We aren’t from here, so it was important from the beginning (moving to the US) that we had someone representing us who knows how everything works.  
redbull-Approximate total number of Red Bulls consumed during the groups studio session for the Abstract EP?
Hahaha – tried to stick to 1 per day each but that often went out the window.  Over two weeks we probably drank a couple of pallets for sure. Let’s say 60?

What is No Wylds dream concert gig set up

1)Concert venue
A large stadium packed full.
2)Band/Bands performing during same show
Well opening for somebody like Kanye (or better yet having him as a surprise guest during our set) would be sick
3)Pre-show meal
Joe – No food for me before going onstage.  I just feel full and sluggish.
Brandon – Salad
Mo – I don’t really have one; I should probably start eating more
4)Car that you pull up to the venue in
Can’t go wrong with a big cushy black SUV
5)Introduction song choice
‘Power’ – Kanye West
-Name two things, that if you looked up and saw in the crowd, would be a distraction?
Joe – My parents or girlfriend, boobs
Mo – Beautiful girls distract me and seeing people lip syncing to lyrics- because when I see that they know the lyrics I feel pressure not to get it wrong
BrandonAbraham Lincoln’s ghost & Rick Sanchez
-The meaning behind the logo?
The logo represents the 3 of us in the group and is also a stylised ‘W’ for ‘Wyld’
-Greatest moment for the band so far..
Moving to the US and being able to work full time on our music.
no-wyld-1-When is the next stock of merchandise coming in?
We aren’t currently sure – check out our socials for any updates
-Have you spoken with any other bands from Columbia Records about a feature?
We have actually.  Nothing set in concrete but we tend to run into other acts at events and shows, and there’s always that discussion of “oh, we should do something together sometime”.
-Obviously the album, Ascension is the biggest piece to the puzzle right now, whats in store for the near future?
New music coming very soon.  We’re working on a full length project right now that is nearly finished.
-Was the band rewarded McDonald’s for life after the McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Olympic Gold Medal Commercial aired “Odyssey” in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics?
Haha no unfortunately.  That would have been dope.