“There’s more to fitness than the perfect body; it’s about health, it’s about self-love, it’s about getting your life together.” ❤


Photographer- Tori Ray

College– Graduated from University of North Florida in Dec ’15
Major– Psychology

Step by Step with Savanna…

Fresh Jax– Instruct early morning Tabata (HIIT) Classes
TitanUp Fitness– Guide participants through the TUF workout of the day
Johnson and Johnson– Personal train and instruct a strength class
University of North Florida– Instruct Tabata and Indoor Cycling classes


Photographer- Tori Ray

Favorite type of setting for modeling background?

Indoors, cozy bedroom with white walls and a ton of natural light streaming in

Best compliment you’ve received from a client?

All I ever want to do is to inspire my clients to be the best they can be and prioritize their health, so when I get comments like “you’re such a huge inspiration for me” it is just the absolute best.


Photographer- Tori Ray

How did you get started with Denise Carol Models? What growth do you see in the agency?

A few years ago I began looking into modeling just as an extra side hustle, and I diligently researched every local agency I could find. Denise Carol Models seriously jumped out at me as the one I belonged to, and I have had nothing but great experiences with them. Ashley Luxenberg, the owner, is an angel. She is always looking out for her models first and foremost, and puts her heart and soul into that company. I hope to stick with them as long as I live in Jacksonville!

What is your goal as far as what you want your clients to get out of your sessions?

I go into every session with the mindset and intention to uplift, motivate, and improve the client’s wellbeing, and hopefully bring them one step closer to their personal fitness goals.

instagram-logoWhich social media outlet has the biggest impact on your career from a marketing perspective?

Oh my gosh, Instagram for sure. I tell people all the time how thankful I am to live during a time that Instagram is around. I don’t know what I’d do without it (besides maybe spend less time scrolling through my feed unproductively haha). But seriously, I have totally switched mindsets from just posting random pictures with no real purpose to using my Instagram as a marketing tool to help brand myself, be an inspiration for others, and hopefully gain more and more opportunities from it. I get a lot of crap from friends for not wanting to post pictures of them and I out at the bars anymore and for only putting up pictures of myself, and I confidently respond with, “Instagram is for my business, sorry, I’ll post you on Facebook if you want, though.” Oops, do I earn the bad friend award?

Favorite vacation spot?Italian flag.jpg

I’m going to California for the first time in two weeks (!!!) and I’m assuming that will become my new favorite spot ever. But Italy was pretty phenomenal, too.

Anyone or anything in particular that influenced you to become a personal trainer and a model?

My mother is the reason I am in the health and wellness industry (and I guess you could say the modeling industry, too, thanks to her good genes lol). But in all seriousness, she struggled with her weight for as long as I can remember due to Binge Eating Disorder, and once I was old enough to understand the psychological aspect of it all, I became fascinated with holistic wellness, where you treat the entire person, (mind, body, spirit), not just a symptom like “they’re fat because they just have an issue with self control or because they’re lazy.” Although I am already an NSCA-CPT, I’m really interested in helping women who struggle with eating disorders and body image issues and am currently being certified to be an Eating Psychology Coach so that I can do just that!


Photographer- Tori Ray

As far as modeling goes, I was the biggest performer as a kid. And when I wasn’t doing some sort of performance, my dad was snapping away pictures of me and having me pose. In high school I went through that phase where I thought being into the arts wasn’t “cool” so I dropped piano, dance, singing and acting for Cross Country instead. I think just as I continued to grow up I knew there was a part of me that was missing, and since I’m a little rusty with the musical instruments now-a-days, modeling sounded like the next best thing.


Photographer- Blake Cortes

One of your getaway spots to do yoga? 

LOL Alright so being honest, I work at a yoga studio (FreshJax) but hardly ever make time for yoga. Maybe once every week or two, but it’s just hard to get yourself to spend another hour doing yoga when you just spent two hours at the gym. I’m working on it though!


Any upcoming competitions?

Not anytime this year, but I’m hoping next year to do another! I’ve only done one so far, but it was a blast and I loved seeing what I could get my body to do with just a little motivation and discipline.

Sports background?

Benchwarmer for every sport you could possibly think of (except Cross Country because there’s no bench). hahaha I’m pretty killer at badminton though for whatever reason. I remember crushing everyone at it in PE and no one could believe I was good at something!


Photographer-Marc Mangra

Would you ever get into acting?

Part of me loves acting, and I took acting classes as a young teenager. I totally would if the opportunity arose, but I definitely prefer still pictures over videos of myself.





When I’m not running around like a sweaty, wild animal teaching a bunch of classes, I train private clients at their homes or on the beach. I’m currently accepting private clients within the Jacksonville Beaches area and always am accepting online clients. My schedule is pretty packed so I love online training to provide clients with detailed, customized at-home or in-the-gym workouts tailored to meet their specific goals.