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Everyone deals with that one heart-rending breakup….maybe even multiple times.

How do you overcome it? In any tough situation, music can be the perfect getaway. Until a couple of weeks ago when I first discovered Kyle Denmead, I didn’t realize how therapeutic it can actually be. In his latest track “Easy,” Denmead emotionally connects to fans and others going through a hard breakup. He pours his heart and soul into a dark, yet catchy version of his latest relationship. Take a listen….

Catching up with Kyle

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The genre is considered Alternative R&B or PBR&B

  • What studio was your new hit track “Easy” recorded in? 212 Recording which is based in Maitland, FL just outside of downtown Orlando. 
  • Do you have any particular routines before recording in the studio? Everyday as I am getting ready for the day I do vocal warmups for about 30 minutes. Really makes a huge difference in your voice for the rest of the day.
  • If you could pick one artist to go on tour with, who would it be and why? Man… That’s a tough question because I love so many vocalists. I’d like to tour with someone that has a similar feel musically. Maybe The Weeknd, or Coldplay. I know those are kind of different, but I get a lot of inspiration from both of them.

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  • Tell us about the making of the album “Therapy,” and the thought process behind it? Well I wrote the first song “Easy” right after a bad breakup. Maybe a few days after. It wasn’t initially for a project, but more for me to just let out my thoughts at the time. It was a total different sound then what I’ve done previously and the team told me I had to stick in that direction.

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  • Venues you’ve performed at? I’ve yet to do a solo performance. I’ve only performed alongside Caskey in our features together. Mostly Venue 578 in Orlando. But we’ve been on a nationwide tour together and I had the privilege of performing in tons of places.
  • How many break ups have you gone through? I‘ve gone through 2 serious breakups. They were the only 2 seriously relationships I’ve had. The only 2 people I’ve really LET IN.
  • Next project? Not sure what the plan is for the next project. I’m just going to keep working and elevating and see where it goes. The main focus is Therapy right now. Because every song on there is close to me.