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List some recording artists that you’ve worked with?

Ive worked with artists: Common, PJ Morton, B.Slade, Layne Harper, ESPN, Je’kob Washington.

luke witherspoonWhat is the process like trying to send your beats out?

The process of me sending out beats is very tricky. Either I’m sending out emails or shopping records in the studio. I do think of it as a hustle.

How much time does music take up during your days?

Music consumes probably 99.9 percent of my day. If I’m not working on any records I’m always thinking of ideas that can lead to beats. Sometimes I feel like I can spend an hour on a track then spend 6 hours on another one.

If you’re not making music, you’re…?

If I’m not making music…. Honestly I’m in church playing music. All jokes aside church is a big part of me. Or I’m at the mall. I’m always eating, with my boys!

Your best beat to this day?

My best beat today? Man, I did this record with B.Slade called “Blue French kiss” I love it, but I’m torn because this record I did with Layne Harper “Broken Promises ” is one of the best.

b.salde    layneharper-brokenpromises

When writing a song how do you prevent writer’s block?luke witherspoon 2

I don’t know if I can prevent writers block, but I look at writers block as vacations. Because when I come back I’m super refreshed.

Typical outfit to an event?

I don’t have a typical outfit .. I love to dress .. So it can change.. My fashion is like music it’s forever evolving. I love it.

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Witherspoon’s World

Influences: My biggest influences in music are No I.D, Kanye West, and Timbaland. I feel they all have played a huge role in my music compositions.

Favorite Artists: Kanye West, B.Slade, and Frank Sinatra

Upcoming Artists: Working on records with PJ Morton, Wale, B.Slade, and Layne Harper at the time.