first arrival

I’ve traveled all over the country, and can finally cross Indiana off the bucket list. A week of being in Indiana/Louisville and I barely saw any corn fields. Cows, horses, goats, but barely any corn. That’s the only reason I went their in the first place! All joking aside, my lady put together an awesome week filled with plenty of activities that could have kept me longer just to finish our adventures!

 yum center

-University of Louisville

The main campus was not at all my interest. Driving by the sports complexes was all I cared about. Gorgeous fields, including the KFC YUM! Center in downtown Louisville, where Pitino holds the reins for the men’s basketball squad.


italian bottling-Wine Tasting

Huber’s Orchard and Winery 

Started off with the legendary Pinot Grigio and worked my way down the list from their. Katie stayed with the sweet and fruity wines, but I’ll give her credit for trying some of my “bitter” ones! Our wine bartender, Scott, gave us some insightful information on the wine industry and a background of every wine we tasted. We went through 14 samples each and almost completed the whole list!

big wine bottle

 in front of 4st street-4th Street in Louisville

After being indecisive on where to have dinner, it was too cold you keep standing outside so we chose the Gordon Biersch Brewing Company, and absolutely made the right choice. I had the Shrimp and Lobster Mac N’ Cheese, a.k.a “heaven.” We sampled seven beers, including the seasonal beer which was the pale ale that we weren’t quite fans of.

flight of six


art-Art Museum

I haven’t been to an art museum and thoroughly enjoyed it since my grandfather used to take me growing up. This museum was awesome though, and we read all the backgrounds of the different designs and sculptures throughout the building. 2 levels of artists pieces from all over the world!



Louisville Slugger Factory-Louisville Slugger Museum

As an avid sports fan, especially baseball, this museum was like heaven. We were able to hold bats used for Buster Posey (Giants), Joey Votto (Reds), Josh Hamilton (Angels), David Wright (Mets), Adam Jones (Orioles), and of course my personal favorite, Derek Jeter (Yankees).

Katie-Jeter jeter mantle Ruth

I was called upon early and quickly became a target as I was wearing a Yankee jacket. I think it’s safe to say I was the only Yankee fan in the group. When talking about the Derek Jeter customized “Last Season” bat, another gentlemen in our group turned to me and said, “I hate the Yankees with a passion, but boy did I cry when it was his final game.” Thanks sir, now go back to Washington and root for your Nationals. Our tour guide, Anthony, was from Syracuse so I figured I had some back up. Nope, the dude is a Red Sox fan.

big bat

She may have been faking it just so I can enjoy myself more, but Katie seemed interested in some of the facts being thrown our way and the different parts of the factory on how the baseball bats are made.

During the tour we were also able to hold Andre Either (Dodgers) personalized pink bat strictly used for Breast Cancer Awareness on Mother’s Day. Ken Griffey Jr. also had a unique story requesting to put his mothers name engraved into his bat for Mother’s Day. Due to secretive behind the scenes action, the factory did not allow for photography, but once we were in the museum we snapped over 30 pictures. We “attempted” to hit in the batting cages and luckily were able to laugh off our struggles while swinging.

ice skating-Ice Skating

Now this was an experience. Haven’t ice skated in years and I never was well balanced as it was. We held on tight to each other, but we needed a spark in the day so I pushed her down. I looked like a hero when I helped her back up though without falling on my own, so it was a win-win for me. I changed skates a solid four times, and was laughed at by the worker and Katie for being “high maintenance.” Overall it was a wintery feeling and we were one of a few couples out on the ice!

downtown louisville

Merry Christmas Katie, Thank You for an amazing week in Indiana!

I love you