Allstate Sugar Bowl                                                          Rose Bowl 

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Adding more teams to the playoff system is simple, but the real challenge is how would you make it work?

D-Lane-Dominic Lane, Former Pro Defensive Back / Performance Trainer

“Following the Division II playoff (tournament) format which is a full proof plan that’s been working for years.”

Who would have deserved it more, TCU or Baylor?

Eagle-Eddie Kenny, Director of Alumni Relations/Sports Media Professor, Saint Leo University

“TCU led Baylor 58-37 with 11:38 remaining in the teams Big 12 showdown at Baylor’s McClane Stadium on October 11. I sent a text to a friend that simply read, “TCU is for real.” Then all hell broke loose in Waco. Baylor ripped off 24 unanswered points in that final 11-plus minutes, including the game-winning 20-yard field goal as time expired to remain undefeated and stake its claim to the Big 12 title as well as a spot in the College Football Playoff.

But that was early October, and in college football a lot changes from minute to minute let alone week to week, and certainly month to month. Baylor slipped up one week later in Morgantown, West Virginia and the script was flipped in its head again. TCU ran the table from there on out and both teams finished with identical 11-1 records overall and 8-1 marks in conference play. So who really deserved a shot at the playoff? The committee decided neither, but in reality you have to say that what was decided in that final 11:38 on October 11 gave that edge to the Baylor Bears. If you win head-to-head and there is nothing else to separate you, then that victory on the field is the determining and deciding factor. End of story.”

 Did the committee get it right with the four teams that were picked?

dan boyd-Dan Boyd, Senior Member Relations Associate, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“I think conference champions should get a more favorable outlook compared to those other teams who just have the regular season. No matter the number of teams in the playoff system there will always be semi-deserving teams snubbed. That’s the compelling storyline of the playoffs. If there were only two teams this year, it would have been so much more debated.”

Which Final Four game are you looking forward too most, and why?

gwinn-Katie Gwinn, Sports Information Intern, University of Tampa Athletics

“It’s the first year in college football history that a playoff will be held for the National Championship game, and people across that nation could not be happier. Other than the championship, the game I am most excited to see would be Oregon vs. Florida State. Growing up in the Bay Area of Florida, I’ve seen my fair share of FSU and UF fans, and even a few Miami fans now and then, but nothing prepared me for the explosion of Seminole fans once the Nole’s claimed Jameis Winston and went on a 14-0 run in 2013. After clinching the National Championship Title at the close of the 2013 season, my social media outlets were flooded with bandwagon fans – and it’s only gotten worse during the 2014 season.

This year has been a crazy one for the Seminoles, with come-from-behind wins, last minute victories, and a string of luck that leprechauns themselves would be jealous of. With all this propelling FSU to a No. 3 ranking and my Facebook getting flooded with Seminole “fans,” I truly cannot wait until the Oregon Ducks destroy Fisher and Winston’s amazingly lucky squad.

Some may say I’m a “hater” for all the negative energy I have towards a team that hails from my home state, but I disagree. Not only are the Noles known for a 27-0 streak over the past two years, they are known for the antics of immature quarterback and 2013 Heisman Trophy winner, Jameis Winston. The young man has been accused of rape, stealing groceries from Publix, and his latest performance was standing atop a table in the middle of FSU’s campus screaming expletives about women. Role model of the year? I think not. Yet the media has publicized the crap out of Winston and he’s gotten off scott-free on nearly every accusation that’s been thrown at him. What is this Winston’s GPA? Does he even go to class, or does he just play football and lose his mind when he’s in public? The world has glorified this young man despite his negative behaviors and actions, based solely on his level of talent. Coming from a Division II atmosphere, where character is often held in higher esteem than ability, I have a hard time swallowing this. For these reasons and more, I’m excited to see the Ducks and 2014 Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota give the Seminoles (and Winston) a long-awaited beating.”

Which quarterback has a better game, Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota?

puzzo-Patrick Puzzo, Writer,

“I’m going to say Mariota finishes with a better statistical game, therefore Oregon will win. FSU’s defense has looked pedestrian at times, and Winston has started terribly more times than not. Oregon has a stud corner in Ifo Expre-Olomu, and I think he’ll lock down Rashad Greene. Oregon is going to put up points, so Winston will be forced to throw in the second half. But I think FSU weather’s the storm with their run game and keeps it close enough. Winston will get it going and make enough plays in the second half to keep the game highly competitive, but a slow start and turnovers will be too much to overcome. Mariota plays like the Heisman winner that he is and shows NFL scouts why he’s the nation’s top QB.”

Puzzo Prediction


Allstate Sugar Bowl

1Alabama4Ohio State

katie perkinsKatie Perkins, Track & Field/Cross Country, University of South Florida < Ohio State >

Tod CaflischTod Caflisch, Director of Information Technology, Detroit Red Wings < Alabama >

ColleenColleen Courbron, Personal Trainer < Alabama >

Melinda SabinaMelinda Sabina, Model < Alabama >

chad newtonChad Newton, Rapper “Chaz-O” < Alabama >

Rose Bowl

2Oregon – 3Florida State

Erik KenneyErik Kenney, Intern, New York Islanders < Oregon >

hayleHayle Krigel, HR Recruiter, Miami Dolphins < FSU >

Lou SacconeLou Saccone, Fairfield County Sports Hall of Fame < Oregon >

sam huertaSam Huerta, Game Day Entertainment, Tampa Bay Lightning < FSU >

jeeJeremy Jackson, Photographer, Regime Magazine < Oregon >