Being able to interview Taylor is a treat. She has star potential and it’s easy to envision her making the big stage one day. A good start to a promising career was auditioning for the first season of the show The X Factor. I heard her latest hit song “Ex Oh” featuring Young Marino and immediately wanted to lock her in for a blog interview. I also have a blog interview with Young Marino so scroll around the page and check it out when you’re done reading this! As you’ll see in the video below, she is fun, energetic and has a pop star voice!

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Taylor’s Takeover…

 Any studios that would be a dream to record in?

I would love to record at The Hit Factory in Miami! A bunch of artists that I look up to have recorded there. I think that it would be an amazing place to record.

Name an artist you would love to be featured on a track with?

I would love to be featured on a track with Iggy Azalea. I think that she is so incredibly talented, and I would be honored to work with her!

What was your experience like on the first season of The X Factor?

Being on The X Factor was overall such a great experience. I take everything I do in my career as a learning experience and hope to grow and benefit from it as an artist!

TC 1

You released your hit single “Heart Candy” on VEVO in 2013. Tell us about the feedback you’ve received since publishing this song?

I’ve had such amazing feedback on “Heart Candy” since I released it. After the release, it got picked up from MTV and went into rotation on their ‘Fresh Faces’ segment! Seeing myself on TV was one of the craziest feelings! This was my first original song, so it was pretty dope to see such positive feedback.

How often are you writing lyrics?

I actually just started getting into journaling. I really like writing down everything that happened to me that day and how I felt about it. Putting how I feel into words and on paper really helps me to write songs. If I have an idea and am not near my journal, I quickly jot it down in my notepad on my phone!

Can you describe everything that went into “Ex Oh” ft. Young Marino?

“Ex Oh” was such an amazing song to work on. I really love the message being conveyed. The song is basically saying to not let others tell you who to be, and that you’re perfect just the way you are. I also got to work with my good friend Young Marino, which was awesome!

Favorite place to travel?

I haven’t gotten to travel here yet, but my dream is to visit Paris!

Now that you have graduated high school, what’s the next step for your career?

Now that I’ve graduated high school, I’m able to devote my life to my career! I want to keep recording songs and hopefully make an album and go on tour! I also am an actress and would love to get more into film.

Have you ever been compared to any top artists? If so, who?

I’ve been compared to Demi Lovato, which is such an honor because she is my idol!

The biggest event you have performed at up to this day?

The biggest event I’ve performed at was The X Factor. I performed in front of 5,000 people! It was such a thrilling experience.

Your career stated at a young age and has promising upside, what advice can you give for people trying to take the same route as yourself?

I would just say to be yourself! There are so many people trying to be someone that they’re not. There’s nobody else that can be you. It might sound cliché, but it’s the truth!