Randi Brady, former Houston Texans cheerleader

Randi Brady, former Houston Texans cheerleader was named Hottest NFL Cheerleader by Maxim. (Content credit to Houston Texans and Maxim).

If you’re a metal head and a fan of the NFL, keep reading. If not, still keep reading. Randi Brady, the former Houston Texans cheerleader was selected to the Pro Bowl, and received MVP & Best Dancer awards all in the same year in 2010. She now is perfecting her craft as a professional hairstylist, with side opportunities of modeling. Why the switch? Just keep reading and you’ll find out…

 Twitter: @Randi_Brady

 Top 5: Randi’s Dandy’s 

1) When did you start cheerleading? I decided to start cheerleading about a week before junior high tryouts happened. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I’m glad I did it. I ended up making the team that year!

2) Grow up a Texans fan? Since the Texans weren’t around when I was little I actually grew up a huge Rockets fan. I think I had every Hakeem Olajuwon jersey they made!

3) Top restaurant in Houston? Pappa’s Bros. Steakhouse, hands down!

4) Worst injury suffered? I fell on my neck once in the middle of a tumbling pass, that didn’t feel great.

5) Call yourself a metal head, what are your top 2 metal bands? Pantera (RIP Dimebag) and Slipknot \m/

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 Q & A Interview 

 What was the main reason for no longer cheerleading in the NFL?
After 3 successful years on the team I decided to go out on top. When you are selected by your teammates to go to the Pro Bowl it is truly the highest honor you could receive as an NFL cheerleader so why not finish your career on a high note?
Where do you hope to go with your modeling career?
Modeling is actually not really a passion of mine. I think its fun and I do it occasionally if something comes up, but it has never been my intention to “make it big” as a model… I love my day job too much!
Some photographers you’ve already worked with in the industry?
I’ve worked with a ton of people, but I’d have to say my favorite is Trent Sherrill. He does a lot of vintage work and is such a perfectionist (like me). That attention to detail is everything in my book. If you haven’t checked out his work, you should! @TrentSherrill on Twitter
You are also a professional hairstylist, and had the opportunity to go to the Oscar’s and do some hair and makeup? Tell us about that experience, and who were the biggest stars you ran into?
I had the greatest time! Unfortunately, I didn’t run into a single celebrity while I was there… I was busy working! I did get chased down by paparazzi on Rodeo Dr. though. I still wonder who they thought I was, haha!
During the season, how many hours of work did you put in a week to prepare for Texans game day? Offseason?
I can hardly remember now, but I know we practiced at least 3 times a week during the season. (More if we needed it). During the offseason we did a lot of appearances and focused on staying in shape.
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 Named to the 2010 Pro Bowl, MVP/Best Dancer, and Maxim also ranked you as the NFL’s hottest cheerleader. What do those accomplishments mean to you?
The Pro Bowl selection, the MVP and Best Dancer awards were all chosen by my teammates. Being voted all 3 in the same year was the most meaningful. I’m still blown away that a team full of outstanding women chose me to represent them! It was also a pretty cool feeling being voted Maxim’s Hottest NFL Cheerleader, but I also don’t really look at it as an accomplishment. I feel cheesy just talking about it! Really though, isn’t that what life is all about, being hot? (Kidding)
You’ve probably never been asked this question, but was there ever a “rivalry” between the Texans cheerleaders, and a squad for another NFL team anytime throughout your career?
Nope 🙂 
In your mind is cheerleading considered a sport?
Like, duh!