Young Marino

Young Marino

Going in the direction of rock to hip hop can sometimes be a tough transition, but my man Young Marino can sure pull it off. Part of a group called VONAA, Marino has succeeded into a different type of hip hop sound. The different upbeat tempo keeps all listeners attached and his lyrics speak the truth. Attached to the interview is his new “The Monster” remix and “Honest Liars.” Give them both a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Young Marino Facts

  1. Which artists inspire you? Wiz Khalifa and Blackbear have had the biggest impact on my musical endeavors thus far.
  2. Sports teams? Hate to say it but there is not a single sport I even remotely care about.
  3.  Best part about living in South Florida? It’s super calm here. I love flying out to the bigger cities to work and move 100 mph at all times and then being able to come back to home base and work where it’s tropical and relaxed.

Marino Q & A

Part of a musical collective called VONAA with Baallet and Yung Guapp, how did this group start and what do you envision together?

I started shooting videos with Guapp when I was 17 years old and we’ve been working together ever since. He introduced me to Baallet last year and the three of us instantly clicked. We share the same vision of not only where we want to go, but also how to get there. Watching those dudes hustle has taught me so much already and I am beyond excited for everything we are about to accomplish together.

“Honest Liars” ft Baallet is a successful hit on youtube. Tell us a little background of how this track was though of and where it was filmed?

The song represents being on your own on the hustle trying to come up with no one really believing in you so we had the idea to go to Times Square at 4:30am to try to get the feel that we were the only ones in NYC. We did the song in a couple of days and sent it off to get mixed. Baallet, Guapp and I got a plane and flew up to shoot the video. Guapp did an incredible job directing and Baallet did an incredible job producing the track. I couldn’t be anymore proud of it.

April 4, 2014 at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll be opening for Travis Mills and Mod Sun. What was the reaction like when the news broke and how good of an opportunity is this for your career?

Can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it is to be sharing the stage with these dudes. Been looking up to them and their hustle for years now. Blackbear who has been one of my biggest musical inspirations for years now is also on the show which makes things even crazier. Gonna be a great time.

Outside of creating music, name some other favorite hobbies that you enjoy?

I handle most of my marketing and branding so I’m always trying to stay consistent with my online presence. I also edit all the footage for my series of lifestyle videos “From The Ground Up”. I stay working at all times.

Describe what went into “The Monster” remix. Who was involved and how long did it take to get everything done?

“The Monster” remix was a drum cover for my boy Alex Roman. He did all the music with his boys Bryan James and Arcaeus then Megan and I tracked our vocals with Baallet. Once the song was done Yung Guapp directed the video. We all had a great time working on it and were really excited to release it. Guapp went right home after the shoot and started editing the video and we all had a rough cut literally three hours after shooting. Then the video dropped a day or two later. Shout out to everyone involved.

10 years from now, where is Young Marino living, and why?

On a tour bus because all I’ve ever wanted to do was travel and play music every night.

Any projects that the fans can prepare for in the next couple of months?

Gonna just keep dropping singles until I feel the time is right for a project. I have a dope record with my friend Josh who goes by the name “Climate Changes” we’re about to shoot a video for that. I also did a feature for my friend Taylor Colson who is the only other artist on VONAA besides myself. Baallet produced the song and Guapp is about to shoot us an incredible video in a couple of days. We made something really dope and I can’t wait for that to release.

Young Marino

Young Marino

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