ImageLayne Harper has a unique story that doesn’t seem to have an ending in the near future. The delivery of Layne’s style of music is uncommon from other hip hop artists and that’s what helps him be his own person. A military upbringing lead Harper to spending seven years in Germany, giving him that music and cultural perspective that most don’t have.

Layne’s World 

  • From – Memphis, Tennessee
  • Poetic delivery of hip hop
  • Artists Layne looked up to – MC Hammer, Wu-Tang Clan, Michael Jackson, and a list of other influential artists.
  • Spent 7 years in Germany

Twitter – @LayneHarper

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Layne’s Q & A

Best source for people to listen to your music?

When did you start developing as a true artist and realize the talent you had in this industry? 

When I was five years old. I began to get serious in writing when I was that young and I have not let up since.

Aside from being an artist and a father of two, what other hobbies do you partake in?

 I am an entrepreneur as well. I have four different businesses. I have a photography company called Vroom! Photography, a videography company called Sintana Films, a graphic designing company called Mr. Graphux as well as I’m launching a clothing line called Clothes of Freedom. I just gave you an exclusive because nobody knew about this media wise. Only people in my circle were aware of the clothing line.

Who are some of the top producers you have worked with to this point? 

There’s a long list of dope producers I’ve worked with in the past. I’m focused on working with the next top producers.

The time you spent in Germany, what did you learn from a music and life perspective?

I’ve learned to always be diverse. The culture in Germany is way different from the culture in the United States. Just the way of living over there is like you’re living in paradise. That’s just my opinion. I lived over there for seven years in Darmstadt and Manheim Germany.


“A thing called love” is one of your top hits, can you explain the meaning behind this track and why you think it became so popular? 

Because everything falls in love or falls out of love. “A Thing Called Love” is a track that everyone can relate to. Love will make you do crazy things for someone you truly love.

 Is there a certain “big project” you have in store for us in the year 2014? 

Just expect two or more albums this year, one is already complete. For those who haven’t heard “Beale St. Blues”, head over to

Advice you would like to give to artists who have their foot in the door trying break into this industry?

 Be yourself, tell the industry to kiss your ass and accept you for who you are. If you don’t demand your respect you will never earn it.

 Tell us about your experience performing at the BET Music Matters in New York? 

It was amazing. SOB’s reached capacity that night and Vanessa Fraction & Buttah Man from BET gave me a warm welcome when bringing me to the stage. I thought the roof was going to collapse when I hit the stage because everyone got hype. That’s a night I will never forget.