Epcot with Dad

Growing up and to this day, there are three special men in my life who I look up to. My father and my two grandfathers. One of my grandfathers is my guardian angel, watching over me step by step each and every day and I miss him more than anything.

Today is a day usually spent at a ball game, golf course, fishing, etc. spent with your Dad. Every one of those solid minutes spent are memories that will last forever. To all fathers, uncles, single mothers, grandfathers, step-fathers, mentors, coaches, bosses, brothers or any other title that holds the meaning of today – thank you for your hard work and dedication to raise generation upon generation.

One of my coaches passed away this year. Mr. Buckley was a true inspiration and a great father to three kids Brendon, Stephen, and Tatum. Brendon was my best friend growing up and I was proud to call him my teammate for a championship season back in elementary school, with his father as our head coach. Brendon and Stephen are currently playing college baseball and Tatum was just named CT Gatorade Softball Player of the Year, coming out of Masuk High School. Safe to say there is a man upstairs pretty proud of these three!

My fondest memory of Father’s Day was in a Babe Ruth game a few years back in my prime of course, when I could actually swing and run without running out of breath and pulling a muscle. I had a couple of base hits and stolen bases. My Dad always left work early or took a day off to watch my soccer, basketball, and baseball games. Couldn’t be more thankful.

What does Father’s Day mean to you

“Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers, celebrating fatherhood, and a day expressing the bond between you and your kid. It also recognizes the influence of fathers in society.”

Daniel “Lunatic” Oliver  Lunatic

“The greatest gift a father can give a child or children is an example of true love, given from the inner most depth of ones heart. Not afraid to say, I love you.”

Joseph Molloy  Joseph Molloy

“Coming from a family of seven kids, Father’s Day was always a big deal growing up. I think Dad pretended to really love every gift each of us gave him…no matter how dumb it was. I remember how good it felt to see his reaction as he opened his presents and I think about it every time I open my gifts from my three kids.”

Rick Nafe 

“Father’s Day! It’s a special day to me because I have my father and one of my grandfathers still here with me! All the men in my life, whether the guys I named, uncles, older male cousins, coaches, and mentors have played a significant role in my life! Some have been there for me more than others, but I learned from each person! As a father myself, of three daughters, it’s especially important for me to be there for them! I must show them how a real man is supposed to treat them by how I treat my wife and the respect I show for all women! There are way too many single parents out there, we must re-establish the male in our households! Happy Father’s Day to all the real men, whether you fathered a child or your standing in the gap for a kid that needs that father figure! God Bless! Also, many blessings to all the single mothers who are forced to be Mom and Dad!

Andra Davis Andra Davis

“It’s a day to look back at everything my father has done. Some things are taken for granted. And without him nothing is possible. This year is my first. I get to look at my beautiful boy and hope that I can provide for him what my father did for me.”

Jason Pridie Image

My Dad always says he doesn’t want anything special, just a nice card will do the trick. Well, here’s my card pops! Happy Father’s Day!